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tubular batteries

A truly knowledge driven company, with innovation at its heart, We TURBO manufacturers of Tubular Batteries developed intelligent power back-up solutions, engineered to be energy efficient and thus reduce the user’s carbon footprint.

We offer to our customer a wide range of Tubular Batteries that produce high power & Amp capacity and stands for tough operating conditions. These batteries are designed extremely strong and assembled with tubular positive

and negative pasted flat plates, using micro porous separators for insulation. This system reduces the topping up frequency, which is supported with proper voltage control in case of 12V batteries once in six month and in a year.


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Our vast experience in the field has given us a great competitive edge over other similar players in the industry. We pay huge attention to the quality of each product and have set benchmarks for our business rivals.

Construction Features

Tubular positive plates, well established for partial state of charge operation make TURBO Series a durable battery for deep cycling applications. The tower model makes it compact and low maintenance with minimum topping up for life.

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At TURBO, quality is accomplished by better management of design, engineering & testing. Quality assurances are carried out by systematic monitoring and evaluation of various aspects at every stage of process involved in the product operations.

1Life of a battery.
Battery has a cycle life, so it all depends on how many cycles we use in a day and that is what decides the battery life.
2Frequency of topping water.
For the longer life of battery and good battery performance, it is recommended that you should pour battery grade water into battery after every 2-3 months.
3Where shall I place the battery at my home?
Battery is being used with your inverter, both should be placed together and treat them as your TV and the way you wont put your TV under the open sky, don't put them either. So it is always advised to keep them at the comfortable place, so that they can be maintained properly and easily.
4How should I maintain the battery?
For the longer life of battery and good battery performance, you should pour battery grid water into battery after every 2-3 months.